Any interior project small or large can attribute unrivaled glory and beauty to the addition of stained glass windows. Whether seeking a single window or a complete set, Lutomski Stained Glass offers the most comprehensive selection of stained glass windows in the world.  If antique windows facilitate your inspiration, look no further than Lutomski Stained Glass. We have purchased, removed and restored more antique stained glass than any company in the industry for the past decade. Please keep in mind: we have the expertise to re-size and re-configure antique windows to accommodate your old or new space. If new windows are in your plans – our European stained glass studio can exact your needs.

Custom design you insist? No issue for Lutomski Stained Glass! We offer stained glass hand painting and leading from third and fourth generation artisans.  All too often, the quality of newly produced stained glass is compromised by inferior craftsmen and novices, typically unbeknownst to the purchaser. Ensure you’re very familiar with quality works of stained glass art by viewing windows from our website; its your money, you’re the customer . . . know what you’re paying for. Old or new, stained glass windows offer sound investment strategy for long term value.  We invite you to call for our references, then explore the many exquisite stained glass options we can deliver.

Glass is a unique substance. It can be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Decorative glass can be shaped and colored using an array of different colors, and the thickness of glass is variable. Though sculptures made of blown glass may appear solid, glass has the molecular structure of a liquid and is not crystalline. Glasses are as beautiful and delicate as they are vulnerable to breakage. If you own any decorative glass items, or even if you have functional glass in your home such as mirrors or shower doors, you will at some point need to call on a Lutomski Stained Glass for glass repair, restoration Techniques Used by Your Local Lutomski Stained Glass.

Our Services Include:

Custom design service
Leaded glass fabrication
Leaded glass repair
Copper foil repair
Glass Lampshade repair
Slumped glass
Painted glass
Custom mirror art
Kitchen cabinet inserts
Fused glass art
Installation and removal
Free estimates and advice
Beveled Glass
Fused Glass
Stained Glass repair
Glass Table Tops
Holes Drilled in Glass for Computer Desks

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